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5Dimes Review

By John Mayer

The 5Dimes Group includes casinos and sportsbooks, and it's been operating out of Costa Rica since its debut in 1996. The 5Dimes sportsbook service first appeared in 2000, and it immediately boosted the company's overall reputation for giving gamblers what they want.

This review is meant to provide an overall look at the sportsbetting arm of the 5Dimes gaming empire. From customer service to available wagers, we'll attempt to cover the areas that are most important to prospective players. If you've been looking for a new betting destination, this discussion should allow you to decide whether or not 5Dimes is right for you.

Available Sports from 5Dimes

5Dimes has all the major sporting events that you would expect from an industry-leading book, including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey. In addition, they offer lines on tennis, MMA, boxing, motorsports, golf, rugby, horse racing, wrestling, darts, snooker, and cricket. Lines are also offered for special events such as the Olympics when they're underway.

Types of Available Wagers

Some Internet books are content to offer straight bets, totals, props, and not much else. That's not the case with 5Dimes, as they include a robust number of wagers such as reverses, teasers, parlays, pleasers, Asian handicaps, office pools, round robins, and point buying. I'm especially fond of the progressive teasers, where you get paid even if all selections aren't correct.

Wagering Limits

For wagers made via the Internet, 5Dimes has a minimum betting requirement of $0.50 and a maximum of $5000. In-play lines have a maximum limit of $500, while exotic prop bets are capped at $50.

In some cases, it may be possible to exceed the maximum wagers. You'll need to talk to a customer service representative in order to make this happen, and it often depends on your betting history with the company. If you're a loyal customer who spends a lot of money at 5Dimes, they're usually more willing to accommodate your request.

In-Game Betting

If you're tired of placing a wager and then waiting for the game to start, you can dive right into the action by taking part in live betting. This is one of the newer forms of sports wagering, and it's becoming increasingly popular among bettors.

From baseball and tennis to football and the UFC, 5Dimes offers in-play wagering on a number of different sports. Lines are adjusted in real time, and they can be accessed via the Internet or your mobile device. If you're looking for something to add even more excitement to a sporting event, I suggest giving this option a try.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The most common forms of deposit for 5Dimes include VISA, gift cards, person-to-person, transfers from other sportsbooks, and the digital currency known as Bitcoin. Minimum deposits range from $50 to $500, although no fee is usually associated with these transactions.

When it comes time to withdraw winnings, 5Dimes offers the following options: Amazon gift card, PayPal My Cash Card, person-to-person transfer, debit card, and Bitcoin. Debit cards have a maximum withdrawal limit of $2500, while Bitcoin places no limit on the amount of funds that can be requested.

Customer Service

5Dimes offers some of the best customer service in the sportsbetting industry, with representatives standing by 24/7 to help you in English or Spanish. There are six toll-free numbers that can be called by any bettor, as well as two more for horse racing fans and another for new customers. An email address is provided for those who aren't in a hurry, while live chat is available for those who need immediate assistance.


If you're looking for an extensive selection of betting lines made by some of the sharpest oddsmakers on the planet, then 5Dimes is an Internet book worth considering. While their site might not look as impressive as the competition, the availability of in-play betting, dynamic lines, and a multitude of available sports leagues more than make up for the lack of dazzling graphics.

The site's biggest drawback is their limit on wagers, although this only applies to high roller and volume bettors. While it can sometimes stifle new and ambitious players, longtime customers have often found that 5Dimes is willing to relax these limitations in favor of a continuing relationship.

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