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The Juice: The Real Story of Baseball's Drug Problems

By Will Carroll

In The Juice, Will Carroll, an acknowledged authority on baseball's medical problems, calls for a scientific, reasoned approach to the steroid problem. Shunning emotional judgements, he offers a wide-ranging investigation of the drugs, the athletes who use them, the scientific effects and side effects, the testing procedures, and whether drugs have had an impact on the game. He explores the grey area of legal supplements, reviews the law involved in the BALCO case, compares baseball's situation with that of the National Football League, and speculates on the next generation of performance enhancers that may well include gene therapy. In exclusive interviews he profiles the motivations and experiences of professional players, student athletes, drug creators, and those who advocate the legal use of steroids.


On Writing The Juice (introduction)

I didn't want to write this book.

My pal Tim Marchman, my contact at Ivan R. Dee, first broached the topic to me in early 2004, and I resisted. In the end, my objections led me to the point of putting pen to paper - or, in my case, fingers to the keyboard. I interviewed Alan Schwartz while he was promoting his great book The Numbers Game, and a phrase from that interview changed my mind.

"I wrote the book," he said, "because I wanted to read it. It would have been much easier for me to have gone t the bookstore and bought it, but it wasn't there." Like his history of statistics, the material that follows is something I could not find, yet wanted to see in print.


"No histrionics, no agenda; just an exhaustive look at steroids.... The most important work of its kind."
--Dayn Perry, FOX Sports

"Our education has begun.. Carroll.sifts through facts and myths and helps understand the layers of performance enhancements."
-- Peter Gammons,

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The List
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Mitchell Report - 47
Admitted - 16
Implicated By Others - 34
MLB Suspensions - 27
Other - 4
Suspended for non-analytical evidence that player violated MLB drug policy.
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